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How much time is required for the preparation of MPSC Rajyaseva Exam?

Let me first put some eye-opening truths before we go ahead any further.

  • Today, situation in Maharashtra is such that a lot of candidates do not know what is MPSC Rajyaseva exam and how to even apply for it.
  • They keep asking people on some websites to send them the examination form; they do not know that the form is available at the post office in their own city.
  • They do not know how to fill-up the examination form properly.
  • They do not know what is the syllabus.
  • They do not know what books should be referred.
  • They do not know what method should be applied to the study; they simply study as per their golden habit of studying for the degree examination. Alas ! they do not know that this exam is much more different than school/college exams.
  • Even after appearing in the exam, some candidates ask for results to some website owners who have no connection with the exams. How ignorant are these candidates!
  • I am 100% sure that even a candidate with third division in graduation can clear this exam, if he works hard and makes use of the time, good study material, with a well-laid study plan for one year.
Yes….One Year!!!

For a serious candidate who wants to clear the MPSC State Services (Rajyaseva) Examination in the 1st attempt itself, an year’s serious preparation is more than sufficient.

But proper guidance is much more needed all through the year so that you do not loose tempo of the preparation.

Simply spending an year on the studies of this exam will not do any good to you. You need constant efforts, coupled with a good study material. If your efforts are not sincerely put together then it may take longer to clear this exam.

Well, why do you need one year for the preparation?

First of all, please understand that the MPSC exam is too tough and is aimed at finding only the best candidates. So do you think that you can study one or two books, read them and you can clear this exam? No, simply no.

The syllabus of this exam is so vast that you need to study a lot of books. You have to study many books to cover each and every topic in the compulsory subjects, optional subjects. You need to study for the Interview, too.

When should you start the preparation? There is also Preliminary exam, so what should you do?

This is why you need one year for the complete study. Before you start the preparation, you need to understand the nature of the exam, its structure and process, various other factors that go with the preparation of the exam.

Initially, for few months, you need to study for the Main exam; then for few months, you have to study only for the Preliminary exam; and then after the Prelims exam is over, you have to shift to the Main exam preparation for few months, and at last, you need to prepare for the Interview.   Now, don’t say “ God…so much to do!!! Now I understand why I need one year!!!”

To become successful at this exam, you need to plan your studies. Prepare a daily study plan, weekly study plan, monthly study plan, quarterly study plan,  and  study plan for the whole year….and you need to stick to these study plans!!!

Once that is done, you need to start the preparation with full devotion and dedication.


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