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MPSC : 8 Winning Steps

Any work, whether it is important to be a good start. Suppose that you were led by a good start. The success of the process depends on the initial work. Similarly, it is not the end of the scheme. The beginning of the academic year and that competition - exam preparation karanaryancihi a good start in the future if they can not stop you.

The success of the exercise or to get certain things are allowed . To them ' winning eight steps ' can say . The steps in this guide can be विद्यार्थ्यांसोबत their parent .

1 ) Start Early : It is not a good suruvatimadhyeca work yasakade career and at the end of the work is not sweet . Day school students who are preparing for the test - while taking college education is required to start the preparation . So emapiesasi , UPSC, Banking and various test does not cause trouble when . Special attention should be given to the ingrajikade . TV news while taking education pahane , it is beneficial to read the newspaper . Jagasobata you automatically update the new reference kalatata absence . Country - ghadanarya events abroad as well as the effects abhyasanehi effect is important . Sarvakasa asked questions from candidates in competitive exam knowledge is being checked . The students practice in any 'shortcut ' is used heart should be studied . Studies to self guntavuna should be taken . School students , college career with the competition pariksankade available as needed .

2 ) Back to the Basics: If you want to study the subject , that subject to a variety of publications VIII to XII All books should be calali . Its purpose is found in the basic information about each topic . Therefore, it is necessary to have information on each subject in the primary . This competition tests for math class X level is up .

3 ) intelligence, and general reading : pariksetila competition is an integral component of intelligence cacanikade viewed . Intelligence is required to calculate the dynamic candidate to answer questions in a trial . The padhe back to the class , its bound to be a solid number of variant is advantageous if the candidate . After perforation of the events surrounding vacanatunaca , one can consider the profound effects. Comprehensive course of study and be interested in reading ( General Studies) in that field, such as the ' silebasa ' where starts, and ends where lavanehi difficult to estimate . Pavalansarakha the universe can occupy three of the dwarf . ( And paper sodavatana universe is approximately )

4 ) magic math is math competition test kalatani making it difficult sorry , but the subject matter , but it should be the foundation of the School jivanatunaca strong competition level math test is up to the SSC . Yamadhe time , job, career , relationship, relationships , direction , ratiocination are asked questions on matters pertaining to expect . Padhe back to the class , a variant of ghanasankhya If the candidate is bound to benefit .

This topic is the most difficult to complain that students are not math . But it is not at all . Steps should be kept in mind while practicing math . You need to be way less time to answer quickness . Mathematics is a fix within 40 sekenda are exposed to test . Methaca benefit to the altar too .

5 ) Is isensiyala English : It is important to get the mastery over English . You speak and write English but made ​​a mistake or adakhalalo when will the habit must . If the Getting Started ? English vyakaranakare attention should be given . You should read the English newspapers . Then gradually small - should be diverted from the front pustakankade . English cenelsavarila a variety of topics on the program , seminars and discussion aikalyane your vocalise , locution , etc. will help improve .

6 ) time is limited : this is an important time than paiksa . We must therefore REALISED importance of time . The time sadupayoga habit of yourself, to be transplanted from .

How you sleep , wake up at how much , how long vigil that , how much time taimapasa that , obviously , are important . Good planning time needed . Which subject and incidental oven , oven oven easy and difficult , it should be understood . Civil service examinations to be successful in planning your time is important .

7 ) hendarayatinga 's impressions: the students knack considered to be a good sign . Sadarikaranatuna written on the front of the body rather beautiful signature prints, is important . Since childhood is a need to have beautiful handwriting practice . If you tikayace competition and bhaganara cauphera your knowledge around , but it should be well presented . Beautiful signature first , then the second step is muddesuda racy .

8 ) career Centred Development: career competition in terms of relative growth is very important to test . They have gathered the success of the hamakasa . Career Development perspectives of three important parameters are: a) Studies and career related knowledge ( Knowledge) b) necessary to gunakausalye career ( skills ) , c ) the complement of the vrttitila career change ( etityuda ) . Should be changed as . You choose the specific property of the post - and these are skills that must be . Viz. Police intelligence to be brilliant , Detective mainda , tandarustapana and agile body should be required . Software development in the 'logic ' . The scope and scope as a career change and behavior change as they are living . New Features - may be acquiring the skills and some of us are to blame consciously ghalavave .

'More You Sweat in the practice , the less you will bleed in battle field' and Preparatory work before the course will strive to reduce suffering as much as you will in the future . Of course , you will benefit from the use of the winning eight steps .


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