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Buddhimapana , logical, logic , analytical ability and content analysis
MPSC Prelims altered form of the second test paper bearing the civil service has been added . The buddhimapana , logical, logic , analytical ability and content analysis , including factors . Arithmetic, the basic process and formulas , tarkanistha vicarapaddhati , statistical analysis and presentation of mathematical skill testing or entities will be buddhimapana . This quality standard is assumed that the dahavica . So vidayarthyanni especially non- contact SSC at vidayarthyanni math is not about the fear Arms .
buddhimapana test
In fact, this component of the trial before the General Studies buddhimapana contained . However, when it is possible to ignore . Because the components of the preparation of this paper include siseta now has become unavoidable . Buddhimapana ankaganitasi this component is associated . If the previous analysis of the UPSC prasnapatrikance 14 to 15 examples are underlined . This type was originally addition, subtraction , multiplication , division or basic mathematical processes are based on . Number , the number of class, Square root ; Solid, ghanamula ; Percentage , apurnaka ; On average, profit - loss ; The ratio of the concentration ; Time - work - based on speed and equation items, are queried test examples . Therefore, students should be aware of basic mathematical skills . Sutredekhila should be kept in mind that the mathematical prakriyammadhila . The basic payabharani the buddhimapana in this Unit , which includes 14 to 15 , to study the phase . Please select the type of article and understand the process . Related to a formula and remember to practice a lot of examples of that type . Answer to the question is essential finding options to consider . Examples include the preparation of a variety of mathematical steps that should be in every case . However, there is a need to develop the ability to go directly uttaraparyanta . Consider the example paper due sodavatana all mathematical steps necessary to decrypt the time does not . This would be a decisive factor while developing the skills to fix the speed should be examples .
Buddhimapana based on the questions a lot of questions ready and consistent practice would be a decisive step in the practice . Two to two and a half months to one and a half hours of time a day to day level by setting the parameter to create .
CENP for 8 to 10 of the basic books and general ability test or not Dandekar spectrum of Tata mekagrahila or to use as a reference publication Guides .
Logical argument capacity
Logical capacity or the general principle of legislation , illustrated explanations and arguments based on specific rules or parameters can include appropriate estimates . Sistabaddharitya are concluded on the basis of the statement . On the basis of the known tathyam vidhanatila given in the question and received information about the unknown tathyam is concluded vidhanatuna possible . This statement is to assess the adhyahrta grhitake , the areas of dispute - issues in dispute the findings of tarkanistha the decision to remove the tyaadhare is important to check the authenticity of the .
The main objective of this test is to check the grhitakanci adhyahrtata vidhanasobata . Remove the conclusion is based on the citation tarkasastrata . The statements are matching or indeed the world may be inversely . Although any number of viparat real world situations are completely true manavayaci . That are a priori . As the premise , which is called abhyupagama or statements . Cites the positive , the negative is that different . Tarkasastratila the basis of the rules , seeing as legislation , logical thinking and affirmation niskarsamprata are considered to be important . The results can be used while akrtyancahi . The second component is the grhitake . When vidhanakartyanne a statement that the items taken grhitake Yes . The correct answers are given grhitake statement adhyahrta vidayarthyanni would be .
Viz. ' Although expensive , they are sold to a good book ; This statement is a good pustakababata information . This means that ' some books are better than the other books ' This is grhitaka adhyahrta ; But ' most of the books are expensive ' is not grhitaka adhyahrta . Vidhanatila each word and its meaning is the purpose of the statement to be considered by the grhitakaci adhyahrtata should be checked .
Some of the items given to the argument . Prasnantila statement that political, social and economic issues have been added . After that, both positive and negative sides to confirm the reasons are . The reasons for this are the answer to the question to what extent it is logical and powerful .
Viz. Legislation - ' dhumrapana the ban should come into force ? '
( 1 ) Yes - because dhumrapana on kotayavadhi does not have the money to spend .
( 2 ) No - because the tobacco industry hundreds of thousands of workers will be unemployed .
This question dhumrapana definitely need to bring the prisoner . Because it is harmful to health risks ; But as the money is not wasted . Health risks to people and damage to pohocavuna rojagaranirmiti do not want to be the second karanacehi support . Vidhanatila logic and reason tyakhalila the reasons discussed on the basis of which it is necessary to check whether the issue is clear . Vidayarthyankade to prepare carefully the information provided in this element , vastunisthapane used to read and tyaadhare want the ability to ablate the appropriate information . Grhitakanci legislation verify that necessitates rigorous consistency . All along the way analyze the statement , vidhanatila direct ( explicit) mahitibarobaraca stage of the assessment and expressed that corresponds to a check of the legislation and grhitakanci skills are important . Reading forms an overall view , the habit of reading fast , precise assessment of the capability statement and its relationship with grhitakasi are important . This practice is the answer to a lot of important and aluminum .
analytical ability
The specific purpose of the analysis is the separation of the information . It mainly classification, comparison, seating , Events disabodha relationships , in order to count and sign language, community, etc. to identify the correlation padammadhila . Include . This is very important to practice . If the information akrtibaddha solve problems early .
content analysis
The separation required by the abhyasaghatakata the appropriate material is important and useful to obtain information . This information is provided in various formats . Specifically, the figure is given in the form of this information . Viz. Divide the histogram , the histogram United , etc. vartulalekha . Statistical information is presented in the form of figures . Niriksanadvare figure to estimate the correct units and titles of various factors need to be considered . Information necessitates careful and form the list .
Content analysis of the
The content of the basic arithmetic kriyadekhila sufficient for vislesanavarila sodavatana any questions . Viz. If you have questions compared to the same percentage of the two things make sekadevarice assessment is important . On average, growth , decline in activities such as प्रश्नांसाठीदेखील arithmetic knowledge is required . This table is based on information in the form of the question . The exact question posed by the separation assess the exact item on the chart so found it possible to question . While accurate and precise reading of the content analysis , speed reading and practice a lot of questions or issues will be important . Examples of different types of questions sodavatana more sodavavita .
And all that follows in this section abhyasaghatakam consistent in terms of the questions it would be a decisive factor in a lot of practice . Saravadvareca the development of this entity because it is possible to create the necessary skills .

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  1. Is the MPSC Question Paper for the (Pre, Mains) examinations is also available in the Marathi langiage. Send me the direct link to download it.


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