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The main test to get maximum points victory niyojanapurna practice, practice and write muddesuda ready continuum is required .
In the last week ( May 26 ) UPSC civil services prelims on cross fell . The main course was changed and changed abhyasakramanusara test the years that the main examination 2013 will be the first test .
After the big mistake that many students in the pre-examination by the purvaparikseca decision not to exercise until the main test . Was then passed to the main prelims exam practice is manasuba . However, after the prelims Prelims only important to the result of waiting time is gone . The main remaining after the prelims asane pass the test becomes difficult to practice . Abhyasakramanusara changed the main evadhaya a short period , it is difficult to complete the exercise test .
The purvaparikseta not be passed , you will purvaparikseta how Marcus , other students how paper has been e . To discuss the main test than students offer should begin immediately . Students are tyannidekhila in 2014 , which will from now on pre- trial offer affix the main test . General Studies sphere has increased so much that the new abhyasakramanusara changed his practice after practice purvaparikseta General Studies Paper 1 will be completed . The newly Prelims 1 for much of the paper would not need to study .
The Union Public Service Commission 's website (www. viewed the main course of the test , he claimed an important issue is that if the paper is that the form of 2 to 5 , a well-educated man, any special jnanasivaya (without any specialized study) , the test can provide . Prasnadvare administrative services related to the topic of the students' general assessment is checked . Basic knowledge of conflicting social and related fields , as well as by students coming í objective way , by analyzing the demands of the ability to create test it was not .
2013 is going to be one of the main examination from elective . Select two electives old abhyasakramanusara costs .
6 and 7, the paper is related to a custom topic , it will reach an honors degree abhyasakramaevadha but the degree of Master's course is less than more than . The Act engineering , medical sastranca degree courses will be darjacaca . The main test students how to write the answer to a very important matter, the course line is recorded . It is compatible students , expressive and write short answer . New abhyasakramanusara the main course of the test are as follows -
A) Any one of the eight Indian language parisistamadhila - 300 points .
B) English - 300 points .
Total points on both peparsamadhila properties are held in grahya . However, it is necessary to pass on the paper , if the student has failed in his next paper on the paper are not checked , which held a total score grahya paper are:
Paper 1 Essays: ( 250 points ) : - students take a written essay on a particular topic . The essay topic options are available . The essay topic relevant, is expected to write clearly . The curriculum has been listed as a direct result of expression and will be effective . This paper will write Marathi bhasetunadekhila nibandhaca .
General Studies Paper 2 : 1 ( 250 points ) : - Indian culture and heritage , world history and geography, and social .
General Studies Paper 3 : 2 ( 250 points ) : - sasanayantrana constitution , administration , social justice, and international relations.
General Studies Paper 4 : 3 ( 250 points ) : - Technology , tired of having í development , biodiversity , environmental protection and disaster management .
General Studies Paper 5 : 4 ( 250 points ) : - nitimulya , integration and orientation .
6 and 7, the optional paper visayasandarbhata : Student Notification of any record that a subject can visayampaki . There will be two papers of 250 each and will be the point . Now write English or Marathi will be subject to the alternative . Initially, the term was removed sahityababata Language Commission , it was canceled now , now adhisucanenusara any new language as electives , students can Branch .
The written test will be called for interviews with students who have succeeded . There are 275 properties for interviews .
The Union Public Service Commission adhisucanenusara a delay occurs , the new optional course changed the topic is a little less important . The old abhyasakramanusara have to take two electives . 600 values ​​each . 2300 gunampaki optional subjects are the only 1200 points . If the 52 percent points altogether voluntary speak in the language of the percentage of subjects were . Abhyasakramanusara new , optional subjects are only 500 points will be subject to the 24 percent points .
Contrast to the old abhyasakramanusara General Studies 600 properties . Studies in the general scope of the paper has been increased four points for 1000 will be . If you speak very old abhyasakramanusara percentage points to 26 per cent of the normal Studies , a new abhyasakramanusara its scope has been extended to 26 takkyanvaruna 46 takkyamparyanta .
 How to prepare for the test will lead ?
This is a pre-examination bahuparyayi format , the format is digharettari the main examination . Preparing for the test students in 2014 , which will be the main test and demonstrate different strategies . Prepare for a long period because their is in their hands . Vidyarthani the first to fifth enasiarati to read books baraviparyantaci kadhavita . It is advisable to prepare their notes . Uttermost simply, it was found that the concepts in this book , write an answer to the question is muddesuda and write effectively . The new courses studied closely related to the general adhyayanaca ghadamodisi this paper it is your avatibhovati what is happening to your country's politics , economy , and how samajakarana influenced , to study it closely . Reading the newspapers every day for at least two to one , the leak kadhavita . The main advantage for most of the test is . T. . V. . Program in the country on either day , what happened on the international level , is related to carcasatranca . Its purpose is not to tajjnammarphata incident investigation . The program must SEE . If such programs should be reko by Doug ì . If it is not possible to keep down while watching some of the issues . How the test questions can be asked , regardless of how you answer the question that if you can write , direct writing this should be . If the General Studies students to write the answer to the question howsoever muddesuda asked if it was possible . The main error was that a number of students with their studies is a good test , but the main examination, the questions of how lihavita This practice is not good qualities may not .
In the last four to five years if a delay occurs in the main review of the test Paper , the Commission today will not be asked questions directly . Notsace only certain variants of the book as a coaching class or exam success can not be obtained . Books or notes visayasandarbhatila information that you can only answer the test period by themselves is be created . If you do not have to train for a huge loss .
Viz. Discuss in India and Pakistan relationship , which directly prasnaaivaji ' in Pakistan recently won the elections, Nawaz Sharif went . Their selection is India - Pakistan relationship and how the results will be , it tikatmaka test - a question that can be asked . The answers to the questions and write expert pradhyapakankaduna practice is taken out by a person or tyavisayasi If the expert can understand and test the students write the correct answer to the question of how the muddesuda was asked howsoever Writing the answers are . Note this routine , you have created questions and answers related to it for free , and from time to time to read .
Students will have the main exam in 2013 , he created the strategy independent study . The main test period is about seven months . If you ajapasunaca began the period of study General Studies and optional subject in preparation for their preparation is enough . This time , however, the student how to use would depend on a lot . New abhyasakramanusara , General Studies for the special study of four paper will not be available immediately .
However, even changed the course is different than the old course , not . The course of study while preparing each issue neatly . If you do not use the Internet to find some of the issues in the book . Practice to write more . In the last 10 years have been a question which asked questions , please review it . Some of the questions which are related to the new curriculum , they should check whether sabdamaryada following the prescribed SEE and experts . The more you practice, the more you write will be beneficial .
A reference book for the study of normal Studies -
Indian culture and heritage of the spectrum , publications, Indian history for bipina Chandra , Grover and Grover , geography for sivadara Singh , Indian geography for , Majid Hussain , economics for 2013, the central government 's í tired of inspection data and beautiful or Uma Kapila 's book , Science and Technology for wizard publication or t . M. . H. . Publishing the book as such ' India Year Book 2013 in science technology part , and in the last few months and parikseparyanta ' Science Reporter ' or masikatila Studies Related Articles , General Studies paper 2, sasanayantrana the Constitution, the Administration for Lakshmikanta 's book or books of abhyasabarobaraca IGNOU ( kethadava ) the use of curriculum materials attached to . Yashwantrao Chavan Open University course in Marathi If the paper type that is attached to the use of books .
General Studies , the main examination marks for question 2 , 3 marks, 5 marks, 10 marks, 15 marks and 20 marks yasathihi are asked . Each specific questions sabdamaryada is given . It is sabdamaryadetaca write the answer . It should be terse reply . Write properly understand the answer to the question , the less likely it is to have . Less consistent and meaningful words muddesuda now used to write to the north .
Commission on your website, the course is given , it upaghatakanca General Studies include the following .
General Studies Paper 1:
0 These modern Indian culture from ancient times to the time of art, literature and architecture of vaisistaye .
These modern- day India from the mid 18th century 0 history , and important events , people , and the importance of the problem .
0 svantatryaladha India , and milestones , different parts of the country and the individuals assigned to the various contributions.
0 स्वातंत्र्यप्राप्ती the consolidation and restructuring of the country .
018 th century world history, the industrial revolution , war , national boundaries restructuring , vasahatikarana , nirvasahatikarana , socialism, imperialism, capitalistic , their types and their samajavarila results .
0 vaisistaye Indian communities in India and highlights the diverse.
The role of women and women's organizations 0 , and problems related to population , daridraya and development issues , urbanization , and the problem of their solution.
0 results Universalisation Indian samajavarila .
0 saktikarana social , dharmatarata , regional disputes and secularism .
The natural geography of the world vaisistaya 0 .
0 í Guk resources of the world's major nerve distribution ( including South Asia and the Indian subcontinent to ) the primary area , the second- and third- sector industrial development area yasambandhita how in the world was different , yasambandhici (the bharatasaha )
0 such important geographical problem . Earthquake, Tsunami , Volcano , cyclones , etc. . Natural vaisistaye important , their location and their changes , and jalasthana -berg , jaivasrsti and change the course of General Studies paper is mentioned in 1 .
It is customary to get success in any dire need . Jete player or customary practices and the success of Persons with ayusyakade see if they can see you kept consistent due to the success of the supply .

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