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Indian Art and Culture Material IGNOU pdf Download

Complete IGNOU Indian Art and Culture Material PDFs:

IGNOU Indian Art and CultureMaterial is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of Indian Art, Culture and Heritage. This material will immensely benefit the candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services, APPSC and TSPSC Group -1, Group -2 and Group -3 exams. Directquestions from this material have been asked in many exams including UPSC prelims.
We are posting this IGNOU Indian Art and Culture Material in chapter-wisePDFs. So that it will be easy for candidates to refer to the required parts of material while preparation.
Download these PDFs of all chapters from below:
  1. Historical Background of Indian Culture: Download PDF
  2. Conservation of Culture: Download PDF
  3. Tourism and Culture: Download PDF
  4. Socio-historical Background of Indian Society and Culture: Download PDF
  5. Customs, Rituals, Cults and Sects in Indian Society: Download PDF
  6. Fairs and Festivals: Download PDF
  7. Indian Dance: Download PDF
  8. Indian Music: Download PDF
  9. Indian Painting: Download PDF
  10. Indian Theatre and Drama: Download PDF
  11. Indian Cinema: Download PDF
  12. Indian Architecture: Download PDF
  13. Indian Sculpture: Download PDF
  14. Important Archaeological Sites in India: Download PDF
  15. Indian Handicrafts: Download PDF
  16. Indian Tribes and their Culture: Download PDF
  17. Role of Government on Preservation of Culture: Download PDF
  18. Role of Trade in Culture: Download PDF
  19. Role of Media in Culture: Download PDF

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