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Important Articles to Read – 07/10/2019

  •    Dhaka says it's reassured by Modi's briefing on NRC
Won’t comment on what politicians say: Gowher Rizvi
  • The only Indian in the largest ever Arctic expedition
Vishnu Nandan, a native of Kerala, will be part of the study of Arctic climate
  • A Bill that undercuts key constitutional values
There is ample evidence that the protection of minorities is not the genuine objective of the Citizenship Amendment Bill
  • A road to economic revival runs through agriculture
The current growth slowdown is an ideal time to implement doable agricultural reforms
  • Best friends for now
India and Bangladesh share a great relationship, but areas of concern remain
  • India starts sharing maritime data
Information Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean Region (IFC-IOR) was set up last year
These notes are provided by ‘Dnyanjyoti Free Learning University’ to help students to learn and prepare for their Government exams.

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