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Important Articles to Read – 6/11/2019

  •    Could join RCEP if demands are met, says Piyush Goyal
But decision to stay out is final for now: Commerce Minister
  • Economic slowdown may lighten India’s carbon burden
Carbon dioxide emissions are poised to grow at their slowest since 2001 due to a lower demand for coal in power and manufacturing sectors: study
  • ‘Indian lungs under extreme stress’
Acute respiratory infections affect children the hardest, say experts
  • What makes doing business easier
The viability of a business depends on the vitality of the economy in which it is embedded
  • Safe, for now
India has its reasons to stay out of RCEP, but tariff walls cannot remain high.
  • Down, but still a potent terror force
There is reason why India should keep vigil over developments in West Asia that concern the Islamic State.

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